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The Cordless Car Vacuum Keeps Your Car Clean with Ease  

I decided to buy this vacuum cleaner because we have a baby and we need to keep our surroundings clean. This vacuum cleaner is powerful and easily cleanses the sand from our car seats and dirt from our floor mats. It’s easy to clean and comes with washable and reusable HEPA filters and two attachments to get into narrow spots. We love it!” – Amy Green, Verified Customer

After car rides with your family, friends, or pets, your car can become a real mess. Crumbs, dust, dirt, pet hair, we understand what it takes to clean your car’s interior & it’s a hassle. However, what if we told you that cleaning your car can be less of a hassle when you have the right Cordless Car Vacuum Cleaner. Now you can experience how easy car cleaning can be with the right vacuum for your car and get rid of the pet hair & crumbs for good!

 Buy More, Save More!

Buy 1 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner  – $69.99  (SAVE 40%)


Buy 2 Cordless Vacuum Cleaners – $119.99  (SAVE 50%)

Buy 3 Cordless Vacuum Cleaners – $143.99 (SAVE 60%)


Best Vacuum for your car by far. I can’t imagine life at home or on road trips without one. Glad we bought two. Now cleaning up the RV and the boat is such a breeze & fun for everyone. Love them!”  Amy Anderson, Verified Customer.

Portable, Lightweight, Compact & Powerful

There’s no reason to struggle with dragging a standard-size vacuum out to your car for every mess. Instead, free yourself from the tangled cords and experience what portable power feels like when you get this top-performing Cordless Car Vacuum Cleaner. Discover high performance in a compact size so you can clean up any mess, anytime & anywhere and get rid of the mess for good. This may be the last Cordless Car Vacuum Cleaner you will ever need.

✔️ Micro USB Charging Cable – Power up using any outlet

✔️ Two Power Settings for Extended Battery Life

✔️ Power Light Indicator – Never run out of power again

✔️ Lightweight and Compact – Store anywhere: glovebox, car door, backpack

Measures only 15.5 inches and weighs only 1.45 lbs, one pound. less than other hand vacs the same size. Enjoy FREE USPS Shipping and get up to 60% OFF today before it’s gone.

Up to 60% OFF  


“Fantastic car vacuum. Perfect for vehicles & RV’s & has Two power settings to help save battery life so that you never run out of power in the middle of cleaning up.”– Jimmy Powell – Verified Customer


Built-in #1 Rated HEPA Filter

Cleaning up crumbs, pet hair and allergens is easy to clean out with the top-rated HEPA washable and reusable filter.  Recognized as the leading filter often found in larger-sized vacuums,  the HEPA reduces the possibility of recycling debris back into the air as you vacuum, making it a standout feature in this one of a kind portable vacuum.  

Up to 60% OFF

  Buy 1 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner  –  $69.99  (SAVE 40%)

  Buy 2 Cordless Vacuum Cleaners –  $119.99 (SAVE 50%)

  Buy 3 Cordless Vacuum Cleaners –  $143.99 (SAVE 60%)


Portable and Convenient

Never run out of battery life again. Our Cordless Car Vacuum Cleaner is completely portable to fit your lifestyle for convenience when you need it. A built-in power-light indicator will use red and blue light to signal when the device is charging, low on battery, in use, or fully charged

Accessories & USB Charger Included

Two handy attachments: one brush nozzle and one narrow tip nozzle. Both help you reach deeper into crevices and cracks and textured surfaces for a thorough & overall better clean. Micro USB charging cable included for easy charging. 


Top Level Performance with Two Power Settings

Experience the unique benefits of a powerful portable vacuum with two power settings & power light indicator. The standard setting runs for 20 -25 minutes, and the enhanced setting runs for 15 -20 minutes depending on how long it runs on each. 2 Levels of power allow for extended battery life, so you have the power you need when you need it.

Power Up in as Little as 3-4 Hours

Using two 2000 mAh high-capacity lithium-ion batteries, the Cordless Car Vacuum Cleaner reaches full power within 3-4 hours using a USB Charger (included). Compact in Size it can be stored in most car doors or glove boxes so you always have one fully charged when you need it most. 

Up to 60% OFF 

 Buy 1 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner  – $69.99  (SAVE 40%)

  Buy 2 Cordless Vacuum Cleaners – $119.99  (SAVE 50%)

  Buy 3 Cordless Vacuum Cleaners – $143.99  (SAVE 60%)



  • Larry Moore

    Very cool little vacuum. I bought it because I have a tiny bathroom and wrestling a broom or full-size vacuum in there was a pain. This mighty vac picks up hair & crumbs fast!  A must-have for any bachelor or anyone that is on the go & has to eat in their car often.  Amazed at how it snatches up any fries that make it down under my seats.  Love having my vac handy in the glove box because with my new lunch tray, which I also bought from ya, I will be eating in my care a lot! 

  • Mildred Carr

    I love this handy vacuum.  Arrived fast and in good condition. The attachments are great trying to clean up after my little guy below with his new stuffed elephant I also bought with my vacuum. I use it all the time and with how small it is, it fits in my purse so I can take it with us everywhere we go.  I also drive for both ride-share companies so have to make it a point to keep my car nice for customers because a clean car, gets better tips! Wonderful battery life too, takes about 3 hours to charge it up with USB charger so you can charge it in your car or at home.😍  Great Buy!   

  • Kimberly Medina

    Excellent Cordless Vacuum. For some background, I have not thoroughly cleaned our car in quite some time and this vacuum did a great job on the entire interior front to back on One full charge.   The suction is strong for quick and easy clean up of everything even pet hair.  Woohoo!!  Very pleased with this purchase.

  • Cheryl Walker

    I love this portable vacuum! Fits in my car door making it so convenient to pull it out whenever I need it. Cleaning is actually fun and easy.  As described very happy.  Great prices & good quality products with fast delivery.  Highly recommend this hand vacuum & Decoraria ❤️

  • Jason Thompson

    I was going to go with the sharper image vac but too expensive. I’m really happy with the quality, it feels like it will last a long time.  Good purchase if you need one that’s small & powerful to get the job done fast.  Glad I no longer have to use those dirty car wash vacuums.  Very happy.

    P.S. – Delivered in just 3 days!!

  • Jesse Reed 

    Amazing 3 pack deal.  I have been looking for a hand vac that had everything I needed with 3 dogs and kids and this portable, compact and powerful vacuum absolutely has it all.  Just as described and arrived in 3 days. Great for all our toys, Rv, Truck & Kids Cars with the best deal I’ve seen for 3.  Pet hair is no longer everywhere and is no longer a hassle to clean up.  Great for daily use & if you have pets you know you need to clean up all the time. Real glad a finally found the solution to a real problem at home and on the road with the whole family & our pups. Everyone is happier! Highly Recommend!

  • Mildred Carroll

    This little vacuum is the bomb! I just got a new car with black interior, so as you might imagine, I can see every little speck.  Being able to store my vacuum in the car door so I always have it when I need it is a game changer.  The attachments are all you need. Great for home,car & RV.  The filter is reusable & easy to clean. The suction power has two levels to choose from so you have all the power you’d need to clean up hair, crumbs lint and even spare change…lol   😉 Thanks Decoraria

  • Diana Bell

    Decided to buy this cordless vacuum because we have a baby and we need to keep our surroundings clean. The vacuum itself is powerful enough to clean up lint & dog hair.  Even has a light that warns you if it needs charging so you can’t run out of power unless you ignore the warning light. Comes with 2 attachments to help clean deep down in the narrow crevices. Very quick delivery too!! 

  • Donald Ellis

    It’s powerful for how small it is and the battery life is not an issue. Usually, you don’t get both power and a good battery, but this one has both.  Every Real Estate Broker needs to get this Cordless Car Vacuum.  You will not be disappointed.  

  • Stephen Medina

    This is the best small vacuum I have used. I have only had it for a week but am already happy with how it works to pick up everything, including the lint and dust, etc. that collects on the dash and console. This has an attachment that loosens it and then it sucks it away. Happy with purchase.  

  • Paul Mills

    It does a fantastic job picking up big and small debris. Glad I found a cordless one with good suction and 2 power setting.  So convenient to use & easy to clean that we bought them for our RV & Car? Arrived in good condition in just 2 days. Good Seller!

  • Margaret Johnson

    Does job.. pretty lightweight and will get a lot of use since easy to store!!  The suction seemed pretty good .. Really no disappointments except I shouda bought 3.  I need one for my camper but still have a week to buy more.   The best is cordless above all else!!

  • Patricia Fox

    Great unit! Smaller than I thought, but perfect for cleaning out our vehicles. We have a Dalmatian and she sheds really bad, but this thing is wonderful in getting all that fine hair out. The attachments are a bonus and extremely helpful when cleaning the hard to reach areas. I highly recommend it.

  • Emma Sims

    I was highly skeptical that this product would be that powerful at such a great price however its just as advertised.  The unit itself is very easy to clean. It’s great for cleaning up sunflower seed shells, and other small wrappers plus love that it comes with its own USB charger to keep charged and ready at all times. The attachments are handy too for reaching in between and under the seats.

    Overall, I recommend but I should have bought three instead of just 2.   

  • Ashley Gardner

    Good quality vacuum cleaner, exactly as described, recommend this store.  I had a few questions before I bought it and the customer service was very helpful.  This Vacuum is a godsend and for anyone with kids, dogs, or maybe even a messy husband.  

  • Jerry Lopez

    The suction gets the job done & very easy to empty. No issues & arrived in 3 days as promised!  

  • Ruth Adams

    Just wonderful.  Compact and high quality for the price. It”s what I was hoping it would be. Arrived fast love that it can fit in my glove box and made use of it already since it makes cleaning up so easy.  Packaged well and would recommend to get more than one. They are worth it!! 

  • Kimberly Hicks

    I got this handheld compact vacuum for my husband after reading all the reviews and feel is a very nice for the price. Only thing is I shoulda bought 2 because I will be stealing from him to clean my car because lately the kids seems to get more french fries between the seats than in their mouths.    

  • Eric Tucker

    Exactly what I was looking for to help me clean up the odd and end places in my home! Perfect for windowsills, crumbs, cabinets, staircase, desk, laundry room and more! Lightweight and easy to use….I wish the battery life was a bit longer, but I dont always wait for it to fully recharge with usb cable.  Decent suction for what I use it for. Easy to clean & super affordable. All that said, I highly recommend this product & would be great for your car as well.

  • Mildred Silva

    I wanted a vacuum that I could grab quickly and easily and spot clean multiple times a day a kids play mat that I use for my dog.  & this is absolutely perfect. – It has enough power to pick-up every little hair and particle, but without sucking up the entire pad like the corners do when I use my large home vacuum.   Very convienient to have around the house and not too loud which is nice, so it does not spook my dog as the big vacuum does. 

  • Willie Hall

    This is no doubt one of the best little handheld cordless vacuums for dog hair I’ve ever used.  Plus its one of the finest deals I have seen.  Arrived in 3 days as advertised and saved me a lot of hassle in cleaning up for our next vacation, since it arrived fast.  So far so good. 

  • Aaron Stone

    I have been looking for a hand vacuum for months but reviews on a lot of them were hit & miss or just too darn expensive.  I decided to take a chance on this one because I liked how compact it was and so far so good! It has great suction power for cleaning up my dogs hair that seems to get all over, including my pants.  & yes I have had to vacuum my pants with it and was actually pleased with the result. Recommend vacuuming the car & not your pants with it but when life gets busy, you gotta do what you gotta do.  Happy with the battery life too.  Highly recommend!

  • Brian Webb

    I”m really glad I managed to find such a deal on what I really needed just never thought to go out and buy a cordless handheld vacuum before I saw the special.  Arrived fast and packed much better than amazon’s items.   

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