Looking for only the best toys for your pup?  That’s exactly what you will find here at Decoraria.  We provide dog owners with environmentally friendly, non-toxic dog toys that are long-lasting & affordable for all. Our natural rubber comes directly from the Rubber trees which thrive in equatorial regions with high temperatures & humid conditions.  We, therefore, import natural rubber and collaborate with facilities for compounding in the USA to develop our unique material for dogs’ toys. Our compound is designed to provide safe long-lasting toys for all breeds from puppies to large canines.

They are made of FDA-certified materials safe for pets and their owners. Design is a crucial aspect when making our toys safe. Although no dog toy is impervious to destruction, our manufacturer strives to create rubber toys that are less prone to crumble.

We also offer toys made of soft nylon, more like a tough plastic material. Pet owners can finally have peace of mind knowing their dog is chopping and chewing on safe well constructed toys from Thermo Plastic Elastomer (TPE). TPE is a form of synthetic rubber suitable for certain situations where natural rubber isn’t always the most suitable choice.

Choose from toys made of 3 natural rubber compounds. Our first compound is suitable for regular chewers. We also have a Magnum compound for strong chewers, which is black in color. Finally, our puppy rubber is for the tender mouths of teething puppies& constructed of a soft rubber material. Although it is prone to be broken down faster, this soft, safe material can assist our little pups in soothing their gums and teeth during teething.

100% satisfaction guaranteed. But don’t take our word for it. Instead, see what our thousands of happy customers have to say. 

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